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As a subsidiary of the Wow Stay Resort, Juntos Cottages offers guests the flexiblity to discover Belize independently while insuring that their accommodation caters to there individual needs and interest.


​Juntos Residence Cottage and Conference opened in Decemeber 2015 and is located within a mere 300 yard ratio of it's parent resort Dream Valley Jungle Resort.

See ten wooden cottages perched atop concrete pillar that neatly hugs a hillside looking out unto a stunning paramoramic view of the property gorgeous green landscape.

Visitors options in activities includes: cool water pool, tour arrangements, bicycle rental, massage sessions, hiking, canoing. and more.

  • Free WI-FI access through the property 

  • Conference facilities

  • 24 Hour Front desk service

  • Mic and surround sound system 



The Juntos Conference Center is a unique venue commited to providing a natural setting to relax and gain fresh prepective for a variety of social, team buliding, educational and corporate events. 


This facility is open year-round and is located within 4.5 miles or 25 mintues of Belmopan City. Juntos Conference Center has become the hosting venue for several events ranging from educational seminar, retreat, meditation, yoga weekend, team building workshop, fundraiser reception, Our facilities offer an array of on-site resources and optional overnight accommodations.

Conference hall can accommodate:

Theater style: 120 guest seated

Dinning: 85 guest seated 

Class room:  60 guest seated 

  • Projector  system

  • Solar powered a/c unit and ceiling fans

  • Open space laminate floor

  • Glass tinted walls 

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