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On behalf of Juntos Cottages and Dream Valley Belize, we would like to update you on our primary concern of the measures we have taken to respond to this unprecedented situation, Both property have adopted in order to allow travellers to start booking again with confidence of our following strict hygienic procedures to minimize risk and enhance safety for guest, staffs and by extension our local community.


  1. Temperature screening will be applied with both internal and exterior screening; 

  2. - Temperature screening of our related staffs before beginning and at the end of daily working hours.

    - Temperature screening of guest at the hotel arrival area.

  3. Health history form for all guest upon their checking-in.

  4. Guest-contact staff and food handlers are encouraged to wear mask and gloves on duty: Kitchen and Dishwasher; Housekeeping; F&B Service; Front Office and Managers Office. All staffs must wash their hands regularly with soap (every hour at least) and use alcohol hand sanitizers to reduce the risk of contracting a virus; before and after meeting with guests, and before and after each meal. Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth to prevent infection.

  5. Everyone including guests and all related staff has easy access to the hygiene gel and masks while staying on property.

  6. Proper social distancing will be strictly practiced in all areas of the resort, to allow both guests and staff to move safely while maintaining the recommended social distancing protocols.

  7. Our a la carte menu will be the only menu available for meals and a per-order system will be encourage, with social distancing (room services will now be available).

  8. All group meals will be served within the Juntos Hall where proper social distancing can be accommodate 

  9. Clear pre-caution signs to assure of frequent hand washing, appropriate social distancing. 

  10. All public area are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, paying special attention to high-touch areas every hour such as door handles, tables, chairs, handrails and etc.

  11. Guest letter are placed in all guest rooms to remind guests to contact the Onsite Manager immediately if they feel unwell.

  12. Any staff who is unwell and/or down with fever or flu symptoms must see a doctor immediately. Unwell staff are not allowed to return to work without clearance by a doctor.

  13. Increase the chlorine levels of swimming pools while maintaining the pH value to be very safe to the swimmers and to be monitored regular, also ensure that the filters in swimming pools are kept clean and increase the frequency of backwash.

  14. Sanitizing the room after guest check-out and left vacant at least 24/36 hours.

  15. Group booking will not exceed 4 people per cottage or 40 people maximum for all 10 cottage.

  16. We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities.

We assure you of our resorts room and cottage accommodation offers sufficient air-circulate space, surrounded by lush green rainforest.

Hopefully, above respective beneficial measures will help to enhance our mutual love of travelling business and move forward in this near future again.

Should there be any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to let us know, we shall be glad to assist you with.

Many thanks in advance for your all-strong continued support.

Respectfully yours,

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